Concussions Happen In Any Sport

Protect Your Athletes. Know Their Baseline.

Why should my athlete have a baseline?

TRAZER takes the guesswork out of return-to-play decisions.

A baseline assessment provides a snapshot of where each athlete is PRIOR to a sports related injury or concussion. After an injury or concussion, TRAZER baseline stats provide the physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer or coach with the objective data they need to assess whether or the not the athlete is able to safely return to game play.


We offer a 4-Step Solution to concussion management

Baseline Assessment

This takes about 8-12 minutes

TRAZER technology places athletes from 8 years old to professional in a game-like setting that challenges vision, mind, and body. A heart rate monitor is used to ensure accurate baseline and heart rate levels for return to play protocols.


An objective BESS Test given with the TRAZER is conducted immediately following an injury.

Return To Play Protocol

Test data is compared to the baseline assessment and used to determine a structured return-to-play protocol.

Return-to-play Assessment

Return-to-play assessment is completed prior to the athlete?s safe release to play.

Baseline data is invaluable to the physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer or coach providing them the data needed to make decisions about safe return to play.

Who does it work for?

Anyone ages 8-80
This is a complete concussion management solution for athletes, seniors, military, and non-athletes alike.


Do You Have Questions?

Please fee free to contact us at Shakthi Health & Wellness with any questions you may have about Trazer HRA or any of our other Sports Performance Optimization Programs.


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