Comprehensive Technology for Athletes, Rehabilitation, Health Risk Assessment, Fitness and Performance

The Trazer uses interactive exercise that builds strength, power, balance, coordination, reaction time, speed and stamina. It improves motivation and performance results.


Offers a 4-Step complete solution to concussion management for athletes, seniors, military, and non-athletes alike.


Trazer Fitness

The secret to faster fat loss isn?t more time at the gym, it?s targeting more muscles. TRAZER?s 3D movement provides game-like exercise that involves the mind while training all the muscle groups in a coordinated manner. The result? Better performance of the activities of daily living so vital to overall health, safety, and physique.

Trazer Performance

Athletes want to continue to improve in game play. The Trazer helps get them there. This technology hybrid approach adds cerebral training to enhance cognitive ability, helping athletes achieve the training results they want.

TRAZER simulates a dynamic sports environment. The athlete reacts, accelerates and cuts to unpredictable visual cues. Test and train “game-ready ” not pieces of game ready. A powerful new testing, training tool for athlete development, sports injury prevention and rehab programs.

Trazer Rehab

Job or sports injuries, disease, and simple inactivity all affect movement. And movement is essential to the full restoration of health. TRAZER measures both functional cardio-respiratory and kinetic (movement) health, delivering valuable data to the client, healthcare professional and trainer alike. TRAZER is equally applicable to a patient using braces or crutches, or to an elite athlete returning to play. There are programs for knee, ankle, hip and vestibular rehab, and for knee injury prevention.

Trazer measures and enhances global human performance. It is not intended to diagnose or treat injury or disease.